Katy H.S., TX vs. South Pointe H.S., SC. BOWL GM

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Katy H.S., TX vs. South Pointe H.S., SC. BOWL GM

Postby 5thqtr » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:20 pm


A proposed high school playoff! South Pointe would be in the Chic-fi-let Peach Bowl versus Katy!
I've seen Katy play on tv a few times. Awesome team; no doubt about it. But, I think they would get done particularly this years Katy team.

Note: this would be i.m.o about as silly as giving someone a mythical national championship! Why 5th? Well, because i'm sorry for all I hear about Texas h.s. football being "sooooooooooooooo great" you still have players coming in from out of state starting over that homegrown TX talent. Not a 100% testament to how good they play ball, " I Get It"! But, a peep in my opinion. I think they get a ton of credit for it being so good b/c the schools are huge. The stadiums are big and the attendance is like that of small colleges! I get it. But, not impressed w/all that. If other people/teams couldn't play outside of Texas, California, Florida and Ohio you would have a league NFL w/only or mostly talent from those states. B/C the competition is "soooooooooooooo gooooooooood" they sharpened their skills to the point unless you are from one of those places: " you wouldn't be able to hang"! WRONG!
This leads me to why It's so dumb to have the polls. I know some people get excited about them. I am not on that bandwagon and remember going forward please. Even when SP is ranked in like every top 10 h.s. poll, "5th is stating at that point in time how dumb it is"! Most of those schools are private schools or set up like Buford, GA. Do a bit of research on them and you find about all the feeder programs and how they literally get to pick which kids go there or the kids get to pick which school " openly "! And, "it's set up that way"! So, they don't necessarily year after year have kids who have been playing together since small fry. The recruiting process starts with a bunch of the familiar schools in those polls well before college. Unlike say SP where the kids will come from: Green st., College Downs, Sunset Park, Southland Park, etc.
But for the purpose of this thread: South Pointe would beat this years Katy squad!
OK, enough venting about how they try and kiss these big under college h.s. teams into more than what they are. And the same w/a couple states...................which if you look at recruiting lately.........SC, GA, NC and VA are putting out a ton of talent too.
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Re: Katy H.S., TX vs. South Pointe H.S., SC. BOWL GM

Postby Jsing » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:09 pm

Tuition and fees at IMG are over 70k a year. They recruit literally all over the world. Hard for a public school to compete with that.
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Katy H S TX vs South Pointe H S SC BOWL GM

Postby RimmaFax » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:24 am

You realize that you cant make any money if you are doing it free, with a meal, dont you???
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