Hartsville is coming

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Hartsville is coming

Postby Justin54 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:33 am

We continue to get better we can actually pass the ball now and I love that no longer will a team stack the box because tiyon Evans actually has a great arm but our defense man they are hungry they are playing angry teams will no longer just show up and expect to whip us if you win you will have earned it and you best have a accurate qb because the defensive front is shutting the run down I'm not being cocky but this team come playoff time will be dangerous we must cut down on penalties that's the only thing stopping us I really feel like we can go on the road and beat good teams just because we want it more Marlboro county will beat a lot of teams and be dangerous in the playoffs Hartsville dismantled them our defense is definitely better this year than last no doubt about it if we get to the Brice no team will beat us book it debate it I'm ready
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