RH District 3 - Transfer Rule - 4 Athletes

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RH District 3 - Transfer Rule - 4 Athletes

Postby 5thqtr » Wed May 09, 2018 8:14 pm

Imagine if the flex-bone offense had worked @ South Pointe. Would Anthony Johnson who is a 1st round pick in the "way too early draft by Kiper/Mcshay have been recruited"? DK would have b/c he would be good at any position you put him @ except maybe 1 or 3 technique or OL. But, maybe not at the position he loves(WR).
Josh Wilks - big time WR prospect ( E. Michigan) maybe would not have received an opportunity. What about Jonathan Muhammad who was ranked in the top 50 @ the WR position( you know how many kids play WR now a day).
My thing is: I can already tell you the posters who will get on here and bash me! Inbox me or look at some threads last August. But, with NW right over there slinging it around the yard and you are a natural @ WR why are so many adults up in arms about a kid transfering. The same people who got at me about me having my point of view on this was all upset about NW getting rid of their coach "mid-season"! The RHSD3 transfer rule for athletics stinks of "politics"! It isn't about making one team better than the other. How about one school wants to run I-formation and i'm this stud WR. Science is better at one school............but the kid in academia does not have to "settle for 6th best science program in the county"! Because of that kids potential in that subject no one would have an issue signing off on them going to the other school. Yet, as it applies to athletics it's a double standard!
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Re: RH District 3 - Transfer Rule - 4 Athletes

Postby Trojanlatex » Thu May 10, 2018 5:57 pm

Good point.
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