Hats off to Boiling Springs

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Hats off to Boiling Springs

Postby DeCavelier » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:51 am

You guys have a good team this year. Miller was impressive as was #1 and #16 and your qb is something special. Man that qb has eagle eyes and runs like a cat. Only problem I saw was some accuracy issues. A few throws sailed high that could have been big plays and I swear he throws better under pressure or on the run. And his ability to extend plays reminded me of how frustrating it was when the panthers had to go up against Michael Vick.

The dawgs were scrappy tonight but much more disciplined than I’ve seen in the past. Looks like the coaches have something going on over there.

It was kind of a wild game tonight with bs attempting the onsides with an opportunity to even the game with a fg and win with a td. But Dorman is back again with a solid running game this year and we were able to eat the clock and score while doing it.

And congratulations also to the dawgs for their opening drive. A methodical 7 minute march downfield to earn the fg. The opening drive really established the tone of the game.

Good game and good luck the rest of the way!
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