Vikings Spring Game Thursday @5:30...

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Re: Vikings Spring Game Thursday @5:30...

Postby BYRNES#1 » Tue May 30, 2017 5:57 pm

[quote=“Victory6”][quote=“mikey”][quote=“1CANNON”][quote=“Victory6”][quote=“3-3 Stack”][quote=“Victory6”][quote=“3-3 Stack”][quote=“Victory6”]If a lot of teams don’t step their game up with the modern technology i can see coach Chris Miller and TL Hanna’s coach Jeff Herron ruling this state when it comes to high school football!! ... cef3b5b2e5

:roll: :roll: :roll:[/quote]
Don’t you live in a cave!! :lol: :lol:
Do you know how many teams are using drones? That really isn’t new technology, but keep thinking it is, if it makes you feel better.[/quote]

Can you post some highlights of Dutch Fork using their drones? Putin has a drone flying over the Nut House watching your main man DJ Tramp!! :lol: ;)[/quote]
Actually our guys are smart enough to figure it out without remedial help...[/quote]

Just as i thought, more fake comments!! Do you live in a cave? Many teams are using drones except DF!! Remedial help is basic info, new technology is advanced!! Why are you on the football forum anyhow?, shouldn’t you be on “Beyond SportS” rooting for the p@$$y grabber? :? [/quote]

Mikey wrote:
considering you are the one bringing up politics,, maybe YOU should be posting in beyond sports :roll:[/quote]

His comments had NOTHING to do with politics.....remember, he said that was LOCKER ROOM talk!! Locker room talk should pertain to sports!! ;) The funniest thing about the tape was he wasn’t in a locker room!! :lol: :lol: :lol: [/quote]

OMG!!!! Dumber than a box of rocks you are!! "Locker Room" talk is an expression fool. :roll: Almost all Guys, including you have said similar things at one point or another to other guys. Just being stupid or trying to look bad in front of your homies.
It was no big deal & has nothing to do with running this country. Where were you when your boy Clinton was cheating on his wife with a 23 year old intern in the oval office? Yeah thats what I thought! :roll: :roll:
I dont give em hell, I just tell them the truth & they think its hell.
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Re: Vikings Spring Game Thursday @5:30...

Postby Victory6 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:52 am

3-3 Stack wrote:[quote=“Victory6”]Most definitely!!..i went over and watched practice last Friday. We have some good looking WR’s and the RB’s look good to. I was amazed when they put one of our most talented player at RB. He ran like a beast, took 6 defenders to get him down!! :shock: I will be there to see the next Region III 5A Champs!! :D

ROLL VIKINGS!!.jpg.1.jpg

6? Your defense must suck...[/quote]

Remember this post when i stated we have a player who ran like a beast and no one wanted to believe me? :?: .......Here look for yourself, watch #1 Tommy Washington.That one block was awesome!! :D ... 008c843fab
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