3 Reasons You Haven’t Heard from College Coaches

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3 Reasons You Haven’t Heard from College Coaches

by tarey123 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:55 am


Good high school grades may double your chances of playing sports in college. The recruiting process starts your first day of high school and getting off to a great start is very important if you want to be recruited. The athletic recruiting process is very competitive and academic performance will make you stand out or hurt your chances of being recruited. Concordia University St. Paul Recruiting Coordinator Jake Munkwitz Talks About the Recruiting Process.

“Your grades aren’t very good is probably the top reason.”

Student-Athletes often forget that not only do you have to be NCAA eligible, but you also must be accepted into the institution. College coaches cannot get you a roster spot on the team unless you can meet the school’s academic admission standards. College coaches want their players to succeed in school and graduate.


Choosing a university or college is not a 4-5-year decision. It’s a 40-50-year decision. Student-athletes need to make sure they pick the school that is the best fit for them both academically and athletically.

“You’re not a good fit athletically or physically for what we’re looking for. Whether it’s your size, speed, or playmaking ability. If you’re not doing things on film that project well to our level you’re not going to hear from us very much if at all.”


Social media is another reason that you won’t hear from college coaches. What is the perception of who you are on social media?

“We do a ton of stuff with Twitter. Some coaches use Facebook, Instagram, or snapchat. Who are you perceiving to be on social media? If you’re acting like a model citizen, you’re putting good things on there, you’re supporting your teammates, and you’ve got uplifting things on there we’re going to assume and perceive that you’re a pretty good kid. If you’ve got things on there with violence of any sort whether it’s toward women, toward other people, you’ve got foul language on social media, or you’re speaking in a non-intelligent way all those things are going to kind of color some red flags for us and make us be hesitant.”

Social Media

“Those are probably the top things as far as put good stuff on film, make sure that you’ve got your classroom stuff taken care of, and then what are you like on social media. If you’re a guy that’s using social media make sure you use it in a positive manner, because it can be something that’s very helpful in the recruiting process. If you’re not using it in a positive manner this will deter you from getting recruited in a hurry.”

Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKIvgmg5fHU


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