Unorthodox/Lazy Playoff Seeding / Format in SCHSL Basketball

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Unorthodox/Lazy Playoff Seeding / Format in SCHSL Basketball

Postby pike1992 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:57 pm

I honestly feel like the SCHSL goes to as little effort as possible at all times...and might be among the most poorly administered public HS athletic governing bodies in the entire United States

To use basketball as an example:
- The exact same playoff format has been used as long as I can remember, with the same tired (and cheap-looking) PDF playoff bracket file uploaded to the SCHSL website. Absolutely no original thought or innovation seems to be important to the individuals running it. As an example - look at the NCSAA's website, or just about any other state, for that matter.
- The same tired old file is used to determine who will host 3rd and even 2nd round playoff games if the two teams had the same region finish. Simply being fortunate enough to be sitting above your opponent in the bracket on a PDF file that has been prepared months, if not years, in advance, is enough to be rewarded with a home game in SCHSL playoff basketball.
- Actually, these brackets ARE decided years in advance because the SCHSL, instead of actually doing some work and figuring out a way to seed the tournament properly, simply rotates the first round opponents every year. For example, Region 8 and Region 5's 1-4 seeds will play each other in a specific year. The next year, Region 8 will send its 4 seeds to play Region 6, the next year its a matchup with Region 7, and then right back to Region 5 again. In this way, the folks that run the SCHSL don't have to do any real work between seasons...they publish the brackets a year in advance and then simply cut and paste year-to-year.
- Many years, there isn't even a venue lined up (or announced) for the Lower State championships games until the week leading up to the event.
- The home-court advantage is ok for first-round games, but is terribly unfair to teams that have already won a playoff game and then have to drive 150 miles one-way to play a 2nd round game. I can't think of another state that utilizes the football playoffs-type method of running their most important basketball event of the year (and the most important one most of the kids will ever play in).

I mean, seriously, how hard would it be to have a meeting, mix things up a little bit, and try something different??
Every state I am familiar with utilizes the "sectional" and "regional" type playoff format, with seeding based on win-loss records and other factors. The higher seeds might host a sectional...but in a state with a small playoff field like SC, you might send everyone to a pre-arranged neutral site after that.

I'm not suggesting that I have the answer, but I am saying that the way the state basketball playoffs in SC seem to be run would indicate an administration that wants to get it over with as quickly as possible and with as little work and effort as possible...due to either incompetence, sheer laziness, or both.
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