Basketball Win Streaks?

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Basketball Win Streaks?

by CoachSalley » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:25 pm

I have a question for the old-school SCISA board holdovers: what are the longest winning streaks in SCISA basketball? In other words, what is the longest streak of wins vs. SCISA opponents in league history? I’ve heard that Hammond’s girls won 80-something back in the Martha Parker era, but I’m not certain of the number, and I have no idea on the boys.

I’m assuming if the streak is more than a couple of years in length, it has to be from long ago... in the recent past, I can think of dominant teams and players (like Zion, Seventh Woods, or Milt Jennings), but I can also remember times when they lost.

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Re: Basketball Win Streaks?

by jstrick » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:40 pm

I'm not old-school or old (lol) but where Doc and the Godfather have recorded SCISA's football history I'm trying to record scores, schedules, and championships for...everything else. Basketball is the easiest out of the other non-football sports so I'm working with that first. I know more about pre-1990s though.

I'd agree that the biggest streaks were probably before the 1990s. Or at least after Cardinal Newman's and St. Angela's entrance into SCISA broke the "color barrier" in a way. The only reason I say that is that SCISA schools then were not as willing to play public schools. Of course, I don't know which side was more unwilling to play but there's a whole debate about that kind of thing in the Times & Democrat from their sports editor in the mid-80s when Orangeburg Prep was formed. He was quite an advocate that OP should either join the SCHSL or PAIS/PAC and become like Porter-Gaud. Also, it used to be (at least from schedules I've got) that to play 20+ games in a season was not as common, at least for smaller schools, so maybe that helped keep streaks alive.

To answer your question about longest streaks I'm not 100% sure about all the numbers but I could guess a few:

Clarendon Hall in the early 70s but don't know how long it was
Andrew Jackson in the late 80s/early 90s were the queens of Class A. Good softball teams too
Hammond girls in the mid was like 57 games. I'll post the schedules in another post
Dorchester's girls in the late 80s. They went like 27-0 one year but I don't know how long it lasted after that
Bowman's girls might have had one but they usually ended up playing AAA teams in the Orangeburg area
OP when Jan Stoudenmire first took over had a couple of good runs. But I think they had a couple of regular season losses that broke up the streaks. And when she was at Calhoun before that. CA probably had some too
Holly Hill girls might have

I think Cambridge had a long streak in the mid-1980s
Carolina Academy had a 20+ streak and I think it was varsity boys
College Prep and maybe First Baptist way back in the 60s and 70s
Maybe Coastal Academy too
I think Beaufort Academy had an undefeated season in the 80s

I could probably get some more definite numbers if I dug through my records. It leans more heavily towards what's easiest for me to get through right now though. Luckily, I'm working on my history master's thesis so that gives me an excuse to dig thru newspapers in the archives to look for my school research and my SCISA research lol.

When you think about other sports though, I think the streaks get tougher to find and are easier with championships. I know Willington's girls had a ridiculous 100 win streak in track meets or something crazy like that. Like Mims won every Class A baseball championship in the 1980s. Or at least almost every one. And OP won every track championship just about until P-G and other AAA schools came back into SCISA. There's others. But it is fun to discuss other sports besides football and SCISA history.
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Re: Basketball Win Streaks?

by jstrick » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:45 pm

I'm 99% sure these are accurate for Hammond's 56 game streak. The streak goes thru the end of 82/83 and ends in the first game of the 85/86 season where Calhoun beat Hammond 55-48. Hope it's not too looks good on my original document but I just don't feel like editing it here lol.

1982/1983 Season
Coach: Charles McAlister
Conference: AAA Lower
Record: (29-1)(16-1)
11/30 vs Wade Hampton* W 56-43
12/3 @ Thomas Heyward* W 79-16
---Wilson Hall Christmas Tournament----
12/9 vs Salem W 63-53
12/10 vs Cardinal Newman W 82-35
---Wilson Hall Christmas Tournament----
12/11 vs Thomas Sumter W 73-67
12/17 @ Willington* W 64-25
12/18 vs Sea Pines* W 57-47
---Savannah Holiday Classic------------
12/22 vs Providence Day W 77-24
12/23 vs St. Vincent's W 57-41
1/4 vs Cardinal Newman W
1/7 @ College Prep* W 99-13
1/8 @ First Baptist* W 81-68
1/14 vs John C. Calhoun* W 87-21
1/15 vs Heathwood Hall W 64-35
1/25 @ Wade Hampton* W 90-51
1/28 vs College Prep* W 106-18
1/29 vs Heathwood Hall W 84-33
2/1 vs Wade Hampton* W 67-40
2/4 @ John C. Calhoun* W 90-19
2/8 vs First Baptist* W 89-44
2/11 vs Beaufort* W 68-32
2/12 vs Thomas Heyward* W 83-24
2/15 @ Willington* W 71-22
2/18 @ Sea Pines* L 58-54
2/19 @ Beaufort* W 67-48
---AAA Lower Tournament @ College Prep-
2/23 vs John C. Calhoun W 80-36
2/25 vs Beaufort W 78-48
2/26 vs Wade Hampton W 71-50
---AAA State Tournament----------------
3/4 vs Thomas Sumter W 73-50
3/5 vs Pee Dee W 68-51

1983/1984 Season
Coach: Charles McAlister
Conference: AAA Lower
Record: (27-0)(14-0)
11/29 @ Wilson Hall W 73-66
12/2 vs Beaufort* W 69-35
12/6 @ Willington* W 67-45
12/9 vs Cardinal Newman W 54-31
12/10 @ Thomas Heyward* W 71-21
12/16 vs Sea Pines* W 78-36
---Savannah Holiday Classic------------
12/20 vs Edmund Burke W 70-18
12/21 vs Monroe W 59-49
12/22 vs Cape Fear W 62-43
1/3 @ Cardinal Newman W 71-32
1/7 @ First Baptist* W 60-40
1/13 @ John C. Calhoun* W 82-28
1/14 vs Heathwood Hall W 56-26
1/17 @ Wade Hampton* W 89-47
1/20 vs First Baptist* W 69-58
1/21 vs Thomas Heyward* W 73-27
1/24 vs Wade Hampton* W 76-58
1/31 @ Heathwood Hall W 62-47
2/3 vs John C. Calhoun* W 62-32
2/14 vs Willington* W 68-34
2/17 @ Sea Pines* W 69-46
2/18 @ Beaufort* W 63-40
---AAA Lower Tournament @ Willington---
2/21 vs Thomas Heyward W 76-28
2/24 vs Wade Hampton W 58-46
2/25 vs First Baptist W 70-47
---AAA State Tournament----------------
3/2 vs Pee Dee W 64-34
3/3 vs Wilson Hall W 64-50

1984/1985 Season
Coach: Charles McAlister
Conference: AAA Upper
Record: (23-0)(10-0)
12/4 vs Wade Hampton W 63-35
12/8 vs Richard Winn W 71-39
12/14 @ Thomas Sumter* W 68-58
---Savannah Holiday Classic------------
12/20 vs Tattnall Square W 73-65
12/21 vs Calvary Baptist W 73-49
12/22 vs Monroe W 70-61
1/4 vs Willington W 63-25
1/5 @ Heathwood Hall W 69-64
1/8 @ Cardinal Newman* W 65-31
1/12 @ Wade Hampton W 60-46
1/14 vs Wilson Hall* W 68-64
1/19 vs Thomas Sumter* W 69-44
1/25 vs Williamsburg* W 52-32
1/29 vs Cardinal Newman* W 78-33
2/1 @ Coastal* W 70-44
2/5 @ Wilson Hall* W 69-57
2/9 vs Coastal* W 79-22
2/12 vs Heathwood Hall W 81-55
2/15 @ Williamsburg* W 72-47
---AAA Upper Tournament @ Sumter-------
2/22 vs Williamsburg W 65-47
2/23 vs Thomas Sumter W 68-63
---AAA State Tournament----------------
2/27 vs Beaufort W 53-45
3/2 vs Thomas Sumter W 77-56
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Re: Basketball Win Streaks?

by CoachSalley » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:49 pm

Thanks. That’s very helpful. To clarify, I’m not looking for the longest overall winning streaks, but rather the longest winning streaks within SCISA (so most consecutive wins vs. SCISA teams). It seemed that the very best teams would be the most likely to schedule big public schools or play in big tournaments, so they’d necessarily take some out-of-SCISA losses.
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Re: Basketball Win Streaks?

by jstrick » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:14 pm

Well, if you're wanting to get that specific, it's kind of tough without complete schedules lying around. But I know that Hammond's boys won 61 straight SCISA games from 1972-1975. Only non-SCISA game they played was in the 1974 Beaufort Heart Fund Tournament against Fork Union Military Academy from Virginia. I will say that a lot of the competition was pretty minimal in that stretch though. The Skyhawks beat most teams by 40 and scored 80-100 points quite often. If you want to count out the non-SCISA games in the Hammond girls schedules I posted it would probably be around the same number. In terms of the modern era though...I would have some ideas but not sure.
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Re: Basketball Win Streaks?

by J1871 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:26 pm


Thanks for tackling the records for non-football sports.

From one of your posts:
I think Cambridge had a long streak in the mid-1980s
Carolina Academy had a 20+ streak and I think it was varsity boys
College Prep and maybe First Baptist way back in the 60s and 70s..."

First Baptist didn't join SCISA until the 72/73 season (my junior year). That year we were 17-10, lost in the semi-finals to Hammond. 73/74 we were 14-8 & lost in the quarters to Wade Hampton. The streak they had began in 74/75 season when they won the championship vs. Hammond. May have been undefeated that season. FB won a bunch more in subsequent years, but I think the longest streak was the state championship year.
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